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神域力量FLAG指南(The Planes of Power flagging guide)

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Plane of Justice

Find Mavuin in the basement. Hail him and say 'what information?' Do any one of the trials and get a mark from it. Hail the Tribunal who administered the trial and say, 'I have come to plead the case of Mavuin'. Go back to Mavuin in the basement jail and hail him - this results in a flag for Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms. Completion of all the trials allows access to the 7th Hammer - this is not needed to progress to elemental planes.

進入左下找Mavuin對話:what information?,接任務

回試練平臺,找任合一個Tribunal 對話:I have come to plead the case of Mavuin,任意完成一個試煉,拿到信物


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Plane of Nightmares

First you must hail Elder Poxbourne. He can be found in "Sick Bay" (the area of PoTranq near beach with sick elders in it) Then hail Adroha Jezith and say 'tortured by nightmares' - this gives you a preflag. Now find the hedge inside of Plane of Nightmares - it is across the river along the left zone wall. Hail Thelin Poxbourne and get ported up into the maze (note he will only port up to 3 groups). At the end of this event you receive a flag for PoNB (Terris Thule's lair). Go back to Sick bay and hail Elder Poxbourne and Adroha again. Zone in to PoNB through the gate near the hedge and kill Terris Thule, this flags you for Plane of Torment.

You can also gain access to the Plane of Torment through

NPC Elder Poxbourne HAIL一下就好
NPC Adroha Jezith and say:tortured by nightmares

進入PON后找NPC Elder Poxbourne對話激活護送任務,完成后HAIL FLAG,可以進PONB
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Plane of Disease
Go to Alder Fuirstel in Plane of Tranquility - standing besides the poop shoot into Plane of Disease. Say 'what ward' to receive your pre-flag. Now go to PoD and kill Grummus, hail the Planar Projection, and zone into Crypt of Decay through the pipe near Grummus. Return to sick bay and hail Elder Fuirstel at sick bay.

You can also gain access to the Crypt of Decay through

在進入RAID前在Plane of Tranquility 和 Alder Fuirstel 對話:what ward,就在POD入口邊上,殺死Grummus,hail flag,同時跳入BOSS房的大坑,進入COD(必須跳一下),然后回海邊病區房子,Hail Elder Fuirstel,獲得完整FLAG。
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Plane of Innovation
Obtain a key for entrance to the factory. Enter the zone and hail the gnome at the start. Say "I will test the machine" - this will get you a preflag. Then kill the Manaetic Behemoth deeper inside the factory and hail the gnome again.

You are now flagged for Plane of Tactics
開場清空整個ZONE,準備好下面三個任務道,交給NPC激活護送任務Nitram's Collection   
Quest Started By:Description:

Quest Items:
護送結束去內殿,找NPC對話I will test the machine,不要讓蛛蛛進入BOSS房,十五分鐘后BOSS激活,殺掉HAIL FLAG
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Plane of Valor

Kill the crystalline dragon named Aerin`Dar which resides in the back of the wastelands to gain entrance to Halls of Honor.

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Plane of Storms
Obtain entrance to Bastion of Thunder through Askr the Lost.



Storm Giant Head [Askr knows you have the power]




就可以去zone in 山洞最內的 NPC:Askr交復任務


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Crypt of Decay
Get through the Carprin -> High Priest Ultor Szanvon event (you will need a raid) and hail the tiny pusling to gain access to Bertoxxolous' area. Kill Bertoxxolous and hail the planar projection. Then zone out, go hail Alder and Elder again to complete flag.
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Plane of Tactics
Kill Tallon and Vallon Zek and hail the Planar Projection. Then kill Rallos Zek (significantly harder) and get that flag.

Halls of Honor
Complete the three trials (Crazed Norrathians, Village people, Rydda`Dar) to obtain entrance go Halls of Honor B. In Halls of Honor B, kill Mithaniel Marr and hail the planar projection.
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