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Key to Vex Thal

  • Dat - Fungus Grove from Shik`Nar Warriors and Royals, confirmed from:

    • Shik`nar Warrior
    • Shik`nar Royal Guard
    • Priest Kak`thak

  • Dax - Akheva Ruins, confirmed from:

    • A Shadow Reaver
    • A Shade Golem
    • A Rubble Rouser
    • Shaded Stones
    • Xi Xaui

  • Kel - The Grey, confirmed from:

    • A Sun Revenant (near the lake)
    • A Stone Beast

  • Kelera - Sanctus Seru or Katta, confirmed from:

    • A Legionnaire of the Hand
    • Named Legionnaires in the upper level of Sanctus Seru
    • An Intervallum Guard
    • Various Katta centurions (too many to list)

  • Lor - Dawnshroud Peaks from Rockhoppers and Sambata in the cave, confirmed from:

    • Sambata Tribal Worker
    • Sambata Tribal Hunter
    • A Rockhopper Ravager
    • A Rockhopper
    • Sambata Tribal Member

  • Raf - The Deep from Thought Horrors across the bridge, confirmed from:

    • A Thought Horror Spiriter
    • A Thought Horror
    • A Horror Guard
    • A Thought Horror Evoker
    • Koxiux the Imperceptible

  • Set - The Scarlet Desert from Sun Revenants and Reavers on the Plateau, confirmed from:

    • A Sun Revenant
    • A Sun Reaver

  • Tak - Maiden's Eye from named Goranga, confirmed from:

    • A Goranga Battlemaster
    • A Goranga Forager
    • A Goranga Prophet
    • A Goranga Savant
    • A Goranga Seer

  • Ved - Acrylia Cavern from Grimlings in Inner Acrylia, confirmed from:

    • A Grimling Prison Guard
    • A Grimling Deathguard
    • A Sanctum Bloodguard

  • Vin - Ssraeshza Temple from Skeletons in the Mines, confirmed from:

    • A Poxed Soriz
    • A Soriz Corpse
    • A Soriz Drudge
Fungus Grove - hard
Akheva Ruins - Normal
The Grey -hard
Sanctus Seru or Katta - easy
Dawnshroud Peaks - easy
The Deep - Normal
The Scarlet Desert - easy
Maiden's Eye - hard
Acrylia Cavern -Normal
Ssraeshza -Normal
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