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Dithgar's Defender 迪斯加防衛者(good 遺產任務)

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Quest Started By:Firiona Vie

1. Book of the Righteous     /"crypt" area of Chardok /Battle Master Ska`tu in the
    Prayer of the Righteous   /Mines of Nurga / The Rockchanter

   Hollowed Stone Orb    /Receive

2.Essence of Tzirathk    /City of Mist. /Tzirathk PH is a black reaver

   Heartstone    /Receive

3.Tainted Shield of Blessed Faith   /Howling Stones/golem or skeleton

   Vows of Undying Devotion   /Receive

4.Bring an Enchanter/Bard to charm Auraline in Kedge Keep or use Puppet Strings if you have some.
  Or open trade window and invis for turn in.

   Turn in Vows of Undying Devotion to Auraline.

   Shimmering Azure Box    /Receive

5.Sealed Azure Box  /(Combine Blessed Mallet and Ancient Charred Wooden Handle in box to create a Sealed Azure Box) /      

  Blessed Mallet    /Karnor's Castle / Construct of Sathir

   Thoric's Sacred Hammer    /Receive
Turn in Thoric's Sacred Hammer to Dithgar Irongut.

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