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news (from eqresource)

Story said to be a dragon, Lendinaria from EQ2 that gets sent through a portal/rift/whatever and sent into the EQ1 universe. You will then begin from there to learn more!
Beta starts around August 14th, Release is in September
West Karana is the expansions hub zone
Staggered release like RoF
Zones so far: Dead Hills, Neriak D
T4 RoF gear will remain relevant all the way throughout the new expansion (New gear is a small or no upgrade)

There is No level increase
New spells and AA, design direction is convenience and consolidation
2 shared bank slots
Mercenary AA, passive, they extend to all mercs you own
Mercenary Gear, 4 slots (Primary, Secondary, Helm, Chest)
Mercenary stats page, can see all their stats
Heroic Adventures: Lots of instanced content ie LDoN 2.0, based on levels, gear(?), tuned for 2 players + 2 mercs

Misc/Future stuff:
Plans to remove leader and raid AA and make them base default game
Fix necro epic
Fix quest and mission windows (Mission/Quest changed to include the # of quests you have started up to cap. The mission/quest window sections changed to remember the size so don't have to re-size them), Guild and raid windows to make easier, possibly adding assistant RL's
Small class balance changes that will happen more often
New AA, spells, and systems made with long term in mind
Less amount of raids will be complex -> more NToV style raids, lot of positive feedback on NToV
Undead in at least 2 zones (Neriak D and Dead Hills)
Simplifying raid currency system (Old expansions look to be being merged into 1 currency instead of having multiple, current expansion will keep the tier being separate currency system)
New hero's forge bixie, clockwork, will be robes brought up to speed too and shrunk options

15th Anniversary next year:
Plane of War release
New class/race combo for players to vote on
New features for players to vote on
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