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A Matter of Life and Death

Raid giver is = Holy Defender IorisRequest phrase is= Raid
Entry phrase is = Ready

Getting near Marnek begins the event.  He is not that hard to kill. The entire event is about dealing with various kinds of adds.
He will change between Human form and Skeleton Form.  When in Human Form anybody can damage him. When in Skeleton form only people in a shrouded form can damage him with an ability.
The shroud is gained by stepping in a small round pool to the north and lasts for 2 minutes.  Its like a monster mission with you getting a pop up to set 2 abilities. 1 summons wraiths to you the other is a bane to use on Marnek when in Skeleton form.  The Shroud is removed by entering the similar small round pool to the South.  If the shroud timer expires you die.  Entering the north pool  will pop a skeleton add, removing the shroud does not pop an add.
Add types - Corpse SummonerIf somebody dies a Corpse summoner will begin to drag the corpse towards one of the large pools (north or south).  When the corpse reaches the pool they raid gets an Animated Corpse add.  Corpses must be rezzed instantly and the person must take the rez before their body reaches the pool.
WraithsCan only be damaged by people in shrouded form.  Appear to pop every 4-5%.  Need at least 4 shrouded people hitting on a wraith to kill it before it can kill them.  They will stun anybody near them that is not in shrouded form.
SkeletonsPop when anybody enters the north pool to gain a shroud.  Tend to go straight for healers and MTs so need to be locked down and killed quickly.
Most of the raid will just kill skeletons as 1 caster group (may add more) slowly kills Marnek.
Will want 2 groups shrouding minus their healers.  Their healers can stand just to the right of the entry tunnel. From there they can heal the shrouded people if needed, can haste them once in shroud (if shaman) and can spot heal the MTs.  Prefer pure mellee in these groups as their skeletons can be mezzed the rest cannot.   Shroud groups hug the wall and move down near the north pool
To start have DA tank run in aggro Marnek and pull him across the room to just left of the entry tunnel.   Once he is aggroed on the MT the raid crosses the room and sets up where Marnek started.  This puts them very close to the tunnel to the south pool.
Once named is down to about 98% the first 2 people will shroud.  Raid will kill the 2 skeletons. When the second is dead 2 more people will shroud.  The 10 non healers in the shroud groups will continue to shroud up in 2s as the skeletons die.  Shroud group stays right at the top of the ramp to the north pool and does all killing of wraiths there to be well away from the raid.
This gives 6 people in shroud at all times to fight the wraiths and to nuke Marnek in Skeleton form.  The Marnak Bane AA has a slow refresh. So all in shroud form must target Marnak and hit it as fast as it refreshes when he is in skeleton form.  In between casts on Marnak they can mellee down the wraiths.
Those in Shroud form will need to move South and step in the small pool to remove the shroud when there is about 20 seconds left on their shroud.  Shroud teams will be in a channel to coordinate.  Will coordinate the teams of 2 and do calls when shrouding to remind the next 2 they are up to shroud when skeletons die.  Do not linger run past the raid quickly so you dont stun them.
The named will cast a dot on people called Scorching Bones. This is a large dot that can only be cured by running into the Large body of water to the south (not the round pool that removes the shroud).  Raid should never run north as they can get stunned by the Wraiths and can accidently get shroud buff trying to get to the pool.

Scorching Bones Target: Single Range: 1000 Resist: Fire -980 Casting: 0s Duration: 60s (10 ticks) Dispellable: No 1: Decrease Current HP by 42000 per tick Text: Your bones are burning! - Make AT for this

Other spells that he casts:
Necrotic Roots Target: Single Range: 1000 Resist: Corruption -980 Casting: 0s Duration: 18s (3 ticks) 1: Decrease Current HP by 24000 2: Decrease Current HP by 36000 per tick 3: Decrease Movement Speed by 10000% 4: Increase Curse Counter by 60 Text: Roots gather at your feet. - Make AT for this (send tell to dedicated curer to remove)
Need to make sure this is cured ASAP.
Dead Silence Target: Target AE Range: 1000, AE Range: 15 Resist: Unresistable Casting: 0s Duration: 6s (1 ticks) Dispellable: No 1: Inhibit Spell Casting 2: Inhibit Combat 3: Decrease Melee Haste by 99% Text: Dead air surrounds you.
Splash will remove this and keep a chain of splashes going.
Sacrifice Target: Single Range: 1000 Resist: Unresistable Casting: 0s 1: Decrease Current HP by 2000000 Text: You have given your life to heal Marnek.
Sucks to be you if you get hit with this.
If you are in shroud form and close to the boss when he's in human form you will take big damage, you will want to stay north after killing one of the Wraiths, so you do not die while staying in the shroud form, the Wraiths will 15k DD, eat pets and stun on any non shrouded person.
When he is in skeleton form he will drain the life from the willing sacrifice mobs in the room.  If one dies Marnak gains a new ability.  The willing sacrifices need to be buffed and healed to keep them from dieing and powering him up.
Additionally when he is in skeleton form he does not summon and is rooted so does not need to be tanked.
Kill Marnek, the phases are: 100% human, 80% skeleton, 70% human, 50% skeleton, 40% human, 20% skeleton, 10% human. The only way to damage him in skeleton form is to use the Shrouds Marnek's Bane Ability on him.
Just slowly take him down dealing with adds.  When he is in skeleton form shroud people must nuke him every time it comes up.  Then get back on wraiths till it repops.  Must kill him quickly before he can kill one of the sacrifices. Make sure you keep line of sight.  This is the one time we want to make him go down fast.
How fast you kill Marnek depends on the shroud teams ability to keep up with wraiths. You never want 2 wraiths up at the same time.  If an animated corpse does pop stop alll shrouding and burn down the animated corpse then resume shrouding and DPSing marnek.

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這一隻骨骨BOSS 要處理的情況不是太複雜,但關鍵是要求大家不要死跟盡活復活

1 王會變身,在人類形態時任何人也可以攻擊到他,但骨骨至態時則只有拿了變身效果(變鬼?)的玩家才可以傷到他 (不過變了身的人要留意別接近人類形態的BOSS不然會大量扣血)

2  戰場的北邊有一個水池..接近時會拿到一個變身的BUFF(2分鐘時限)同時會POP一個骨骨ADD.變身後會得

     第一招是召一隻怪 ,第二招是召喚一把劍出來..這把劍可以在BOSS變成骨骨時產生傷害
    變身後不要接近人類形態的BOSS 不然會大扣血

3  第一類ADD : 只要玩家死掉 ,屍體便會被拉到北方或南方的水池..只要屍體接近水池便會出現一隻ADD,因此死了要盡快密牧師復活

    第二類ADD :  王的血每掉4-5% 便會POP ADD(Wraiths) ..這ADD只有變身為怪物後才可製造傷害(
  4個變身怪物玩家傷害可快速打死一隻ADD) 這ADD會STUN不是變身怪物的人

   第三類ADD :當玩家到達北方水池變成怪物時會自動POP 一隻骨骨ADD (通常會指派一隊專門處理骨骨ADD)

4  派兩隊人保護好治療..讓治療專心處理MT 跟變身怪物玩家(變了怪物就只有兩個技能..無法使用原屬的法術了..)

5  SK DA 拉王到TUNNEL...其他人員準備好..當王的血掉到98%時有兩名RAIDER會變身(不清楚是被變身還是準備好變身...)...同時2隻骨骨POP..殺掉骨骨接下來再有2位玩家變身...骨骨POP..一路下來共10人變身為怪物

6 這10位怪物玩家專心專理好ADD 跟按時按好技能給予BOSS傷害...(BOSS骨骨形態時)..同時留意變身效果最後20秒時要立即到南方水池更新BUFF(可能要先洗掉BUFF再重新上BUFF不然時間到會死掉)

7  怪物組準備好自己的頻道以便互相協調

8  怪物玩家走路時要避免接近RW不然會讓他們吃到STUN

9   打王時王會隨機放一個DOT在RAIDER身上...中了這DOT要走到南邊大水池(不是洗BUFF那個)解掉不然大扣血


1  Scorching Bones (單人DOT) 42K 1 TICK  X 10 IN 60SEC

AT  Your bones are burning!   (很猛的DOT幸好是單人)

2  Necrotic Roots  DOT  (24KDD + 36K X3 TICK  -980 CORRUPTION CHECK)

AT  Roots gather at your feet  

3  Dead Silence  (沉默 +  SLOW 99%)

AT  Dead air surrounds you

4 Sacrifice  (DT 200K  HP)

AT  You have given your life to heal Marnek (吃到這是你BG...準備TELL CLE 復活吧)


當王為骨骨形態時.會對戰場內的 willing sacrifice 怪物吸血..這一些怪只要死掉王便會回血跟增強能力,治療要保持他們的血量別讓他們死掉



100% (人)
80%  (骨骨)
70%   (人)
50%  (骨骨)
40%  (人)
20%  (骨骨)
10% (人)

PS: 骨骨形態時只有變身怪物玩家的技能才可對王產生傷害

關鍵是盡快將骨骨形態的王打掉(令其變回人類形態..因為骨骨時會對sacrifices吸血增強實力..)怪物組的協調跟清理鬼魂的效率影響RAID的勝敗...當玩家屍體被拉到水池POP ADDS時要立即清理再回頭打王跟清ADD

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