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Rof 2missions good for box armies farm lv96-100rune

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for lv96-98 Rune

Sleeping Night [SL mission1]

few things to remind
1 if u have slower , it will more easy to run [some mob with voa rk3 buff on it..hit more hard without slow]
2 u  can use invis to pass ..but not all ,u still need to kill some mob for update
3 when u enter the silent hall , 30adds wont inc until u walk near the hall end ,so prepare all buff and heal when u do it
4  better set the campfire in Council room,dont set in silent hall because u will auto inc 6adds if u Cr in hall until u
    ko 30adds
5  the most hardest part for box is 30adds part...u need to face 6adds in the same time and all adds cons light blue   and hit if your dps and heal not enough to handle 6adds in the same time..u need to use mez and kill it one by one...for me..i just use sk ae taunt and dps it..cle heal and shm spam heal in low hp

6 last nm is will case Ae snare and some AE...will push player ,u should put your box behind the wall. it will more easy when you dps nm. with bard song on should be easy and down nm very fast

take 1h30min-45min to run 1 time..if u dont box may be 45min to pass it

chest will drop 42ac aug too..not bad drop

這副本不太難應付...一隊ROF T1的BOX軍團已可應付.最困難的地方大概是要清掉30隻小ADD那部分..ADD雖然打不痛,但每次同時INC6
一個補血未必能撐起來,如補血不足便要MEZ 或KITE ...我的做法是SK AE TAUNT 6ADD...CLE 主補 SHM小補一下...問題不大

最後的NM 有會AE SNARE 跟一些AE..只要有詩人在隊一樣輕鬆殺..不過要留意NM會震飛..BOX 的位置要放好


For lv99-100 rune
u can try evil Tree mission 1  Fear Not

run down is easy
1 kill 6nm and take their loot [each nm drop 6 loot in their corpse, u just need to take 1]
2 4nm around the tree ..2nm inside the tree
3 all mob dont see invis except nm , u can invis pass to save time
4 after 6nm die go back to npc and hi him get a item to combine 6loot inside it
5 give back the item to npc ,a golem will pop near npc, kill it
6 after golem die, hi npc and chest pop...task finish

web said nm will case some ae and stun when inc....but again..with bard song on group...all nm just a cake for me
dps down fast and nothing special to care it

run down around 1h30min to45min ...u can do it faster if u box less char

AE 差不多通通抗掉...比VOA T4的NM更容易應付

不過ROF 副本的設計比較花時間
不過一般而言...MISSION 1大多是較簡單的
而T2 的眾副本中

其他幾個T2 ZONE的副本也不太適合BOX軍團來玩..
[CHAPTER /PALCE /VALLEY 這三個副本也是T2 中較困難的..不太適合BOX軍團玩]

RoF drop lvl 91-95 rune? @_@

not 95-100?
lol... typing error....
BTW...every time finish mission
u will received fixed exp and AA
even you make exp 100% to AA....
so no need to get safe exp before raid

rof mission 做出了调整 每次将会有固定的regular exp and AA exp

例如breeding grounds每次固定给5.5% regular exp and 6 AAs ,不管你在什么等级

VOA时代 一个mission 50AA的历史已经过去了
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Herog Post at 2012-12-17 08:47
要..不然拿不到AA 跟EXP
我是喜歡ROF 這種新做法啦..
以前每次RAID前也要先打10% 安全EXP才參加RAID

看来做group task才是王道。
mission 2=each zone raid mini verion
good to know and practice
I tried Breeding grounds mission2...

boss has 3  phases and  dt emote... hard  to box
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其实 SL 的 group mission 2 会更快更好打, 如果你理解了怎么打的话。
其实 SL 的 group mission 2 会更快更好打, 如果你理解了怎么打的话。
而且为了raid, 最好都去打打
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