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任務起始地點: Jewel of Atiiki

Efreeti Death Visage (Illusion: Spectre, ALL/ALL)

Sivrn #1: Names of the SphinxSivrn #2: Atiiki Tongue TwistingSivrn #3: Order SquaredSivrn #4: Realign the LinesSivrn #5: Broken Lines ,再把於Jewel of Atiiki 神燈怪掉落的各部位Armor交給他,並完成一些步驟即可獲得死神變身面具,如果是Nec還可另外獲得Zombie變身面具。

Efreeti Death Visage
Magic Item, No Trade
AC 32
Effect: Illusion: Spectre (Casting Time: 5.0)
STR +15, Dex +15, CHA +20, WIS +15, INT +15, AGI +15
HP +255, Mana +255, Endurance +255
SV Disease +20, SV Cold +12, SV Magic +12, SV Poison +20
Regeneration -2
Mana Regeneration -2
Shielding +2%, Spell Shield +2%, Accuracy +10%
Stun Resist +2%
DoT Shielding +2%
Weight 0.9, Size: Medium
Class: All
Race: ALL

Illusion Spectre
Spell Effect: Cloaks you in a chilling illusion that makes you appear to be a Spectre. This spell also grants infravision and see invis.

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