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情报人泰殊(在格姆林森林1200,-1000)正寻找以下老书。他第一个要求是要你找到一个叫“Legends of Lies”(谎言传奇)。这本书可以在阿克里亚洞穴里面大多数named mod身上loot到。怪物等级在48-54左右吧。格姆林行仪者48、格姆林高级训兽师50、格姆林神秘者54、格姆林大主教60

第一本书“Testament of night ”(夜之经文)可以在撒拉萨神庙的Shissar Assasin(沙尔刺客55)身上loot到

第二本书the Legder of Pain痛苦执行书 (撒拉萨神庙 沙尔执政官53)

第四本书the Mnemonic of Khati Sha卡迪-沙尔之忆 (阿克里亚洞穴 扭曲卡迪-沙尔BOSS),杀撒拉萨神庙的boss掉落。Khati Sha the Twisted (邪恶卡迪-沙尔)。说明是boss,就是要出动raid了,boss等级68。这个boss看外国的玩家介绍攻击是1300,不知道多少连击,50人raid失败3次,75人raid成功。其他资料别问我,自己不打过哪里知道。同时boss还掉落一个靴子这个靴子的加速是41%,加+10wis,盗贼jp啊~~

怎最后一本是“Legends of Lies”(谎言传奇),就是任务开始找的第一本,可能你交给npc后会还你吧。

合并卡迪-沙尔之忆Fused Mnemonic of Khati Sha
物品类型: 秘文物品 无法丢弃的物品
装备位置: 耳朵 手指
物品属性: 防御等级: 18
力量: +8 灵巧: +8 耐力: +12 智力: +8 智慧: +8 生命值: +100 魔法值: +75
抗火: +10 抗病: +10 抗寒: +10 抗魔: +10 抗毒: +10
推荐等级: 60
魔法效果: 狼之魂 (必须装备,施放时间: 10.0)
聚焦效果: 四级魔力保存
重量尺寸: 0.0 / 非常小
适用职业: 所有
适用种族: 所有

就看这个效果 也 要做。。。。。。


台湾的pof公会在轻松推到poh伊诺鲁克,打倒POP战神拉洛斯-泽克以后挑战Khati Sha the Twisted 是惨胜,那个家伙是luc最强boss,皇帝萨拉撒也要靠边站。
Triggering the Event

You say, 'Hail, Spiritist Kama Resan'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'Thank you for coming. I am not sure what brought you here but I am glad that you have arrived. Andro and I came here as part of a raiding party. Our entire party was captured, all except Andro and I died. In the time we have been here, we have learned of 3 [seals which] protect the inner chambers.'

You say, 'What seals?'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'Interesting, from what we can tell each of the 3 seals embodies one of the principles with which the grimlings were created, Life, Death, and Spirit. Each of the seals has been enclosed in a Warder whose very existence is tied to the seal. Destroy the [Warder] and the seal falls with it.'

You say, 'What Warder?'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'We have discovered that the Life Ward exists inside this chamber, while the Death Ward exists in a chamber above. The spirit ward is hidden somewhere deeper; we can sense its presence, but cannot find its exact location. We suspect that you cannot reach it with the life and death wards still whole. We fear that the [situation] may be complicated even further.'

You say, 'What situation?'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'The Wards are a by-product of the magic that was used to create the grimlings, there is symmetry between them. We have managed a [spell] that will destroy the magic hiding two of the Wards, the Life Ward and the Death Ward. Starting the spell will cause both to manifest, however the magic protecting the Life Ward will not fall completely until we have completed our spell.'

You say, 'What spell?'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'The spell will use our own life force to break the life ward's shields, we will die shortly after we begin casting, if we do not complete [casting] our spell. Even if we do our life force is tied to that of the Wards, we will die shortly after completion if either Life, or Death Wards still live.'

You say, 'What casting?'

Spiritist Kama Resan says 'There is one more thing I should mention... While we were perfecting the spell, whenever we would get close the life ward would summon grimlings to disrupt our chants. We are not able to concentrate or focus with them present. You will have to make sure they are not around to stop our magic, and do not forget that the death and spirit wards will resurrect the life ward if one or the other isn't destroyed shortly after it falls. Let me know when you are [ready] for us to [begin our spell.]'

You say, 'We are ready for you to begin your spell'

The Warders

As you repeat the trigger text, six grimling spelljammers spawn (3 per cell), as do the Warders of Life and Death. They prevent the Vah Shirs from completing their spell casting. The Warder of Death is killable immediately. The Warder of Life is untargettable for now.

The spelljammers do not attack and are stunnable. It is not known if mez works on them.

The reanimated guardians spawn throughout the fight until the Warder of Life becomes targettable.

To make Warder of Life targettable, you must allow the Vah Shir Spiritists to continue their spell. They emote approximately once a minute, at which point if the spelljammers are still alive, the respective Spiritist's spellcasting is interrupted. After a certain number of successful chants, any remaining reanimated guardians will despawn and Warder of Life will be killable.

You do not have to kill the Warders in any particular order. Killing the Warder of Death first appears to have the effect of spawning fewer spelljammers during the Warder of Life section, but this is unconfirmed.

In the fight with the Warder of Death, mobs called "a sacrifice" spawn in intervals of about 10-30 seconds. They are attackable and sometimes mezzable (not always). They move towards the sacrificial cauldron. If they make it to the cauldron, they despawn and cause the Ward of Death to be completely healed.

Both the Warder of Death and the Warder of Life must be killed within 10 minutes from trigger time, or the event ends.

You have slain the Warder of Life!
The Life Ward has been defeated. The first seal is broken.

You have slain the Warder of Death!
The Death Ward has been defeated. The second seal is broken.

The Twins

After handling the Warders, click on the trapdoor in front of the grimling warlord spawn point. This leads to a room with 2x "a spiritual arcanist". The arcanists are vah shir and are each surrounded by four grimlings.

You only need to kill the grimlings around ONE of the vah shir (it's not known how to tell the vah shirs apart).

The script does NOT fail if you choose the incorrect vah shir. If you choose the result that saves the Vah Shir, 4x "a Deathguard" spawn, and upon slaying them, Khati Sha will either shout at you and the final seal will unlock, or you'll see a message stating that Khati Sha has no interest in meeting with you (meaning that he is not yet respawned from the last successful kill).

If you choose the result that "rescues" the grimling, 4x "a Deathguard" spawn. Upon slaying them, you must fight the grimling "a spiritual arcanist" and 4 more "a Deathguard". Upon killing the arcanist, the deathguards despawn. The arcanist drops additional loot, and the final seal will either break or Khati Sha will not have respawned yet.

Khati Sha the Twisted

The bridge to Khati Sha is found at the bottom of a lava pool, clicking it will raise it to the proper height, allowing safe crossing.

Kill the five Elite Grimling Deathguards (unslowable/unmezzable/max hit ~400).

Khati Sha stands upon his throne and is surrounded by four untargettable defiled minions. Once Khati Sha is engaged and suffers more than 1% of damage, they attack (hit for a max ~500). Some are stunnable, some are not. Some also proc "Blood Claw":

Blood Claw: Single Target, Poison (0)
1: Increase Poison Counter by 1
2: Decrease HP when cast by 20
3: Decrease Hitpoints by 15 per tick

Khati Sha hits for a max ~1,300 (quads) and rampages a lot. He has four AEs:

Cursed Visions I: PB AE 150', Magic (-300)
1: Decrease Spell Haste by 30%
2: Decrease Attack Speed by 30%

Cursed Visions II: PB AE 150', Magic (-300)
1: Decrease Spell Haste by 10%
2: Decrease Attack Speed by 10%

Tortured Memory: PB AE 60', Fire (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 400

Tortured Memory II: PB AE 60', Fire (0)
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 200

(More details needed: how to tell one vah shir from the other, dialogues with vah shirs, emotes seen during the event, etc.)

Event Reset & Respawn

If you fail the event, you can redo it in 12 hours time.

If the event is completed, it respawns in seven days.
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